Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eve Online review by an Eve player

Are you interested in Eve Online but would like an insider's look as to what the game has to offer? Check out my review of Eve Online below!

Topics Covered:
  • Skill training system keeps your character 'leveling' even when you aren't playing
  • How you can make Eve the game for you (suits many different gaming personalities)
  • Game subscription can be paid for by in-game currency (making Eve effectively free to play after first month of playing)
  • Nearly all of the thousands of in-game items are manufactured by players, stimulating a dynamic economy
  • How to get a FREE 21 day trial with ISK bonus to Eve Online
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Finished a write up on Eve Online's "Buddy Program", a great way for new players to get started in Eve Online! Check it out HERE.

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  • No credit card needed to start a trial account!
  • Takes only a few minutes to sign up!
  • Get 7 Million ISK (in-game currency) for starting a trial!
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